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Precise, accurate, precise GIS successful in distant

Why Shenzhou VI capsule landed in the vast Gobi, the only 22 minutes, search and rescue forces able to reach the scene accurately?

Why do major media for reprinting the images Everest altimeter, and television stations Everest altimeter three-dimensional images so realistic presentation?

In other countries, no large-scale harvesting of duty, how the irrigation machine is running?

Why are huge farm just a few people can manage?

Behind these questions, have a GIS (Geographic Information System) support, it will concentrate the wide world to screen them for decision-making information at your fingertips.

Shenzhou VI, 22 minutes after landing

The smooth return of Shenzhou VI spacecraft is to China in 2005 one of the most important news events, major media have given a very high concern, Shenzhou VI return link in the victory, GIS system for search and rescue decision-making played an important supporting role.

According to news agency Xinhua, the Shenzhou VI spacecraft was at 4:33 on October 17, 2005 landed safely in Inner Mongolia's vast prairies, 22 minutes later, 4:55, search and rescue forces in helicopters arrived at the landing site, to find re-entry capsule of the Shenzhou VI flight to draw a satisfactory conclusion.

In the command hall, big-screen animation that shows the return capsule, rescue helicopters, rescue vehicles between the location and local terrain, these are exactly the same with the situation on the ground.

It is understood that, due to uncertainty about the scope landing capsule, it may be in the vast grassland, jungle, more likely to be in the vast expanse of the ocean. Therefore, in order to ensure the astronauts and the return cabin safety, rescue forces on the one hand experienced, trained personnel, on the other hand, should be able to understand the first spacecraft information.

When the spacecraft began to return, the search and rescue forces have used various types of instruments and equipment to detect, track the capsule to determine the specific location of the landing and after the geographical coordinates from the ground, the air over the direction of the scene.

Search and rescue forces to use the full name of the system is called "the main task of the manned space flight landed field search and rescue decision support system", is based on the domestic development of geographic information system platform, the latest version of MAPGIS. Its role is to spacecraft landing, the visual indication of the return capsule and rescue forces position and state of motion, for the leaders to provide decision-making, in order to find the shortest possible time capsule.

According to GIS platform providers - in the way the digital market, the person in charge, in order to better support the completion of Shenzhou VI capsule of the search and rescue mission, in the manner provided a total of four sets of digital software, which used to launch two large hall screen monitor, a monitoring station installed in the field landed, another set installed in the main search and rescue vehicle.

Earlier, in the way digital-founder Professor Wu Xincai interview also said that in the end of July 2005, early in August when the company had sent over to a 4-member panel, has two Daoda Xichang Satellite Launch Center for Xie Tiao test and in accordance with the requirements of the Test Center, conducted a number of changes to the system, enabling the system to support the three-dimensional graphics presentation.

The spacecraft to return process because the system has been installed on the landing site remote sensing data and terrain topography data, so in return capsule Zhu Jian landing, the spacecraft's landing point and the instantaneous state of theoretical orientation Xinhao sent to search through the monitoring and control system, decision support system which .

The data provided by GPS, the system can simultaneously receive search and rescue helicopters and search and rescue vehicle position signal, the information processing through the system software, and immediately to the Control Center directly reflect the hall screen.

3D image shows the same conditions and reality, headquarters to make decisions based on these information in a timely manner. As the spacecraft's gradual decline, the system can also calculate the spacecraft's landing place, so that rescue forces to arrive as quickly as possible.

It is understood that after several return mission systems used to support only two-dimensional flat panel display, search and rescue system is Shenzhou VI is based in Xi'an Satellite Monitoring of Yaoqiujinxing the redevelopment, and improvement of the original system of three-dimensional and transfer speeds.

Adding a high degree of information, the command will be more intuitive, dynamic understanding of the location of helicopters and rescue vehicles, direction, speed, so that rescuers can return capsule's location at any time to adjust direction and course, as soon as possible after landing in the capsule to reach the landing point search and rescue work. This is also one of God several times in the past six rescue systems and space flight, the biggest difference.

Carrying a GPS to fertilization

The 13th district needs fertilizing, watering needs of the area 9, 4, is the harvest of maize xx kg ... ..., this information can be displayed on the computer screen through the map to access to information, which is the implementation of the system based on GIS precision agriculture lies its charm.

Prior to that, from the Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry is responsible, along with a number of units involved in the establishment of the Beijing Xiaotangshan fine agricultural demonstration base, in order to more clearly understand the project, to interview participants at the project - Modern Precision Agriculture, China Agricultural University System Integration Research Laboratory Associate Professor Liu Gang, told reporters about the base of the building of this story.

Precision agriculture is the earliest concept of Digital Earth decomposed by means of information technology support on the basis spatial variability, positioning, timing and quantitative Shi Shi Yizheng Tao Xian Daihua Agricultural Technique and Technique management system, its technical support primarily through the 3S ( GPS, Global Positioning System; GIS, geographic information systems; RS, remote control systems) to achieve.

By these means, will affect crop yields and crop production, environmental factors (such as soil structure, fertility, topography, climate, pests and diseases) and the actual existence of space, time, integrated information, within the scope of their impact on production of small reasons for the differences, then take appropriate control measures.

This approach changed the traditional agricultural area of the sample, the average investment of the disadvantages of the implementation of demand for crop cultivation and management inputs, including precise planting, precise fertilizer, precision irrigation and accurate harvest these links.

"In the past, we can only village in the land under the circumstances, the management proposals accordingly, but because of geographical large area, providing the recommended target relatively poor. Because in many villages Zhong, Xing block the difference is very large, some may Village South is the black earth, sand north of the village turned into the land. "Gang, for example.

Xiaotangshan agricultural demonstration base a total area of 2462 mu, of which 1944 mu cultivated area, the project's geographic information system is developed from scratch.

"At that time, we get the location information only with a printed map, the map above is an area marked out for the establishment of precision agriculture demonstration bases Xiaotangshan position, without any digital information." Gang recalls.

Because geographic information system is the basis for precision agriculture, to complement these Shuozixinxi, such as Ren Gang began carrying GPS Shebei on a point, a point De Caiji data, sometimes a Zou is a day and, finally finally mastered the entire block of the border and scope.

In this way, through the location information for each data point collection, and gradually the model base region of digital, and digital information based on these will be carried out throughout the land re-planning.

In addition, with the aid of remote sensing Fei Ji, the first year of the sample completed all the land, the following years, also according to the situation and supplementary crop, especially in regions of high and low for Chan Liang measured boundary data.

With this geographic information, the distance of precision agriculture are a very big gap. Precision agriculture is the need to block the information to carry out a comprehensive planting, spraying, irrigation and a series of agricultural practices, serve to reduce pollution, save costs and increase economic efficiency.

Therefore, the collection of soil, biological information has become a focus of the work of the second step, both of which include soil moisture, nutrients, conductivity, even including a water plant nutrients, pests and other information. These data are still relying on manual collection on the one hand, on the other hand using spectral remote sensing and ground planes, etc. to carry out.

"We have done experiments, deliberately place a regional pest, through remote sensing to identify the aircraft, obtained satisfactory results." Gang, said. Aircraft remote sensing data obtained with the normal crop data to compare, they will be able to draw information on crop pests and diseases encountered, and promptly reflected in the systems.

According to Liu Gang describes the model-based very high degree of precision, especially for the control of location information, the staff at work, such as spraying of pesticides is to bring GPS positioning after operation.

Because of the location information with GPS irrigation machine is automatically scheduled in accordance with the system of lines for irrigation, especially harvester, it can be a real-time statistical information for each second harvest. This information will be displayed in the GIS systems, the clear demonstration of the production information of each block.

While these automated operation reduces labor costs, on the other hand, also provides a number of demonstration bases for research data.

According to Liu Gang introduction, the length of 430 meters, automatic irrigation machines to large GIS system based location information automatically move, according to irrigation needs of a region.

"The research shows that more is not put fertilizer, growing crops, the better. If the excessive use of fertilizers will not only increase costs, but also serious environmental pollution. Our experiments is the hope that through geographic information system, location information, crop information, soil information and other aspects of information comprehensive, final value and output value put to find the best ratio between. "Gang told reporters," The purpose of precision agriculture is to improve efficiency on the one hand, the other is through proper fertilization reduce environmental pollution. "

Besides Beijing, China launched a large area in many parts of the practice of precision agriculture operations, such as the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps in the northeast and other regions in developing GIS-based model system of precision agriculture.

More intuitive to Everest altimeter

2005 Everest retest is China's second high Mount Everest in 1975, published 30 years later, again on Everest for the national elevation measurement and significance broad impact. But how to make people not only enjoy the splendor of the world's first peak, but also understand how the measurement is conducted?

For example, can make you understand what mountain line? Measuring point in Everest located? Peak list of small hills in the scene is? How can this measurement into a popular event, so that the image of ordinary people to understand how mapping is all about?

For these purposes, the National Basic Geographic Information Center and Beijing Lingtu Software professional and technical personnel was discussed that the three-dimensional simulations can be achieved.

Using three-dimensional Geographic Information System software to real GIS data, outlined by three-dimensional technology to the real mountain climbers road map, peak height measurement of Mount Qomolangma Schematic of the camp distribution, terrain characteristics, and from the azimuth angle of rotation switch on the Everest region for the true reproduction of the landscape.

March 31, 2005, Lingtu official to the 2005 height determination of the project to provide technical support. Lingtu company with independent intellectual property rights with a three-dimensional visualization of geographic information system software VRMap center for the national fundamental geographic information system developed three-dimensional simulation and measurement of Mount Qomolangma site acquisition, presentation, such as three-dimensional material to provide appropriate technical support and consulting services .

Early in April, VRMap GIS system based on three-dimensional demonstration system synthesis is completed, and all the media began to provide three-dimensional model and three-dimensional map data output effects.

In mid-April, the company decided to go to Everest Lingtu base camp, mainly because a lot of information after the historical image data 20,30 years ago, as the Everest region and the geological changes of the Himalayas, and many topographical features and past the intersection of place, some changes have taken place. In fact, to the base camp was informed of the news to confirm this.

There are several previous high set in the intersection test has been caused by the Rongbuk Glacier movement rolling stone buried in the ground, so that the intersection of the original book can not find, and can only be re-arranged some of the new intersection.

This case, the intersection of output under the original image to the media, errors may occur, but 30 years ago, the true image and the actual film will have quite different view.

To ensure data accuracy and authenticity of images. Lingtu the scene of the Working Group decided to set up Mount Everest, by the Assistant General Manager Mr. Li Hong (an amateur mountain climbing enthusiasts, ham radio, GPS / GIS enthusiasts) as its head, in person at the Everest base camp, direct access first-line information site.

By Shide's Jishu data to be Tuxiang and demonstration system for correcting Gongzuo, measured Gao global Guanxinzhufeng people to provide accurate information.

Decision Everest trip plan, the Working Group began to prepare a variety of equipment to Everest, including the ability to respond to low temperature, high-altitude environment, laptops, satellite phones, GPS, car / handheld radio, video equipment, road tune collection equipment.

Everest because of the special geographical and climatic conditions, cold and oxygen, volatile, dangerous everywhere. Many members of the team because there is no high-altitude adaptation without experience, the project team are purchasing large quantities of high altitude medicine to prepare for contingencies.

April 29, the project team and two cars loaded with equipment, embarked in Tibet began.

April 30, the team to the Da Xining; May 1, in Xining for auto repair, maintenance; May 2, over Riyue Mountain, Qinghai Lake, the team reached Golmud.

May 3, from Golmud to Lhasa in advance, along the Tibetan antelope has been a nature reserve. After noon arrival Wudaoliang, all the way up to reach more than 5 pm Tanggula mouth, drivers have different responses, which replaced Li driving a car. 7, after more than one line to Amdo, because I heard some of the road ahead is not of snow, through the night too dangerous and decided to stay to more than 4800 meters above sea level over the security of the depot.

The two drivers and accompanied by the strong reaction of high altitude photography, Li quickly arranged for them to body temperature, medicine, observation of disease.

May 4, 8 starting point from Amdo depot, along the road conditions are very poor, about 7 to Lhasa urban area; May 5, in Lhasa, rest and maintenance, as a vehicle to enter the base camp area is limited by the project team Surveying and Mapping Bureau of Everest in Tibet handled special permit.

May 6, 318 National Road because of road, take bypass Yangbajain, turning winter Raj pass, after moving to Dazi, 20:00 reach an elevation of 4050 meters of Lazi.

May 7, starting as early as 6:00 to Everest base camp from Lazi embarked as a car crashes on the road until 20:40 or so before reaching the Rongbuk, 9 of them finally into the camp of Mount Qomolangma.

8 May morning, the Working Group and the National Lingtu first Geodetic Survey and Mapping Office team captain Yue Jianli and other leaders had to communicate and listen to the leading three-dimensional model for the Everest a number of changes and requirements. As the high altitude, altitude sickness entourage of more obvious, and 5200 meters of base camp is not suitable stay for long pull. Collective decision was the first major troop withdrawal, Li, photography, and a driver first evacuated down of rest, waiting-hoisting plan identifies.

As the punching and ejection of postponements, May 13 at Tingri and Everest altimeter communicate commander Zhang Yanping, after work, on May 14, Li returned to base camp.

16:00 more time, Li and mountaineers to communicate that, the original intersection point not found, then the re-establishment of the new intersection. By mapping the intersection of the new members of GPS location information described in the original location of the intersection was the scene correction, and the model based on these data, a number of amendments.

May 15 morning, the Working Group adopted the amendments Lingtu the intersection after the data, and on-site by building climbers camp situation, re-draw the road map out of the mountain, the camp location map diagram intersection, and through maritime satellite to the Beijing company These amendments to the information returned from Beijing to help colleagues to make changes on the three-dimensional model, and in a timely manner to the media released the latest version of the information.

May 16, Li bring equipment up to climb from base camp, on the intersection of changes in position on-site verification.

Upon completion of the entire model of the amendment, correction tasks, Li and his entourage began to leave the base camp on the 17th, embarked on the road back to Beijing, Chengdu, 26, arrived after the return flight back to Beijing.

Have applied to the development of

In fact, in addition to the three applications based on GIS systems, the geographic information system industries in our country which has gradually been widely used up. Such as the introduction to the software the number of municipal, engineering investigation and other applications, Mapinfo GIS system introduced municipal pipe network, tax, coal mine safety production applications, the spirit of the three-dimensional mapping software such as urban planning system, have been running all over the country.

September 2005, the Chinese Association of Geographic Information Systems released the third time in Beijing, geographic information system project selection excellent results.

December 31, 2005, interview of GIS Association of China Secretary-General Yu Yongchang, he told reporters that three years from the selection results, the current GIS system in our country plays a prominent role among the 17 areas, including: basic geographic information applications, urban management, land resources management, power and transportation.

Yu Yongchang previously served as deputy director of the National Mapping Bureau for many years, he thought, application effect is to promote the development of GIS industry forward driving force, which has been the development of GIS by the verification process.

From the "human" to "GIS system"

In order for journalists to understand more clearly the definition of GIS systems, Yu Yongchang people, for example, a reporter made a vivid metaphor.

He believes, GIS geographic information system should include the following: the data source (the things on earth), access to means of transport links, background computer systems, software, applications, and several other aspects of the output.

According to this definition, people can be seen as a GIS system, people get information through various senses, reflecting the brain processes the information after the nerves pass from the hands and legs, into real action.

"For example, my original driver, in his brain had a map, guiding him every day in accordance with established travel routes. However, this information can not be easily shared with others, and GIS can do this." Yu Yongchang to reporters cited one such example.

GIS system is also gradually as technology evolved, from the "eyes" of the development of the "brain" of progress, they finally evolved into the current GIS system. Including 18 aircraft and aerial photography early 19th century the emergence of the first computer in 1946 the invention of the first artificial satellite into space in 1957, 1963, the Internet, and early 20th century, the laser ranging technologies.

These technologies to become a computer brain, the nervous system into the Internet, the eyes become satellites, a series of changes makes the GIS system to more truly reflect the human activities, share information.

"Did not expect to have today's development"

According to Yu Yongchang, China's geographic information systems in the late 80s to 90 late this stage, the main work is research satellite positioning applications, application development tests carried out to study the application of the work of the main demonstration.

In 1978, Wuhan University of Surveying and Mapping Professor Wang Zhizhuo proposed all-digital mapping theory, it became the earliest concept of geographic information.

1981, Centre for Remote Sensing Science and Technology Commission was established to enhance access to satellite information, the use of work; 1986, the Planning Commission, Chinese Academy of Sciences set up resources and environment geographic information systems laboratory; Planning Commission was established in 1989, mapping laboratory.

Working to promote a series of geographic information system on the study started, which play an important role in pushing forward an initiative in 1983, the State Planning Commission, Science and Technology Commission approved the establishment by the State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping the nation's first public basic geographic 1:1000000 information database, and also proposed to obtain the tools of geographic information, that is, the traditional means of digital mapping reform.

"At the time, just know that public infrastructure has been established abroad, the geographical information database, but how it created value, we did not know." Yu Yongchang recalls.

So, how in the country after the establishment of the system as soon as possible to push the application, has become the focus of Yu Yongchang have been considering the issue. In 1991, Yu Yongchang visit after returning to the State Department told the ongoing transformation of office automation systems, he thinks this is a good opportunity to promote the system application.

This proposal was quickly adopted, and named the 9202 project - the establishment of comprehensive conditions based on the system of geographical information system, first used in flood prevention and relief. Currently the system has been upgraded to the fourth generation in China based on its established e-government spatial decision support system, to achieve disaster prevention, mitigation, land resources monitoring role.

Construction of public infrastructure than 1:1000000 geographic information database, mapping the traditional means of promoting the work of the resistance to reform is even greater, because there was no one to understand the purpose of transformation.

Yu Yongchang remember, digital mapping system during the process of transformation, a person in charge of Shaanxi Bureau of Surveying and Mapping has pointed Yu Yongchang nose asked: "You told me so in the end the purpose of reform is to what?!"

That withstand such pressure and do not understand, in 1996, seven provinces and cities of Surveying and Mapping Authority of the computer system to achieve the transformation of traditional mapping methods.

Lian Yu Yongchang not thought that the transformation has just completed half of a series of geographic information systems on the digital mission will come one after another, for example, GIS data processing for urban projects, including the city survey, cadastral data sorting and other tasks. A mapping team captain later told Yu Yongchang, said: "Fortunately, you had to listen to a systematic transformation, or else do not know how these tasks to complete."

For GIS in-depth life

Basic geographic information database 1:1000000 public gradually applied in all walks of life, for the development of GIS has laid a solid foundation. After 2000, GIS research turned to China to establish digital basic geographic framework in the hope that China's Geographical, ecological, social and environmental into everyone can see, everyone can use the resource, and that such a system sub- to 4: Digital China, Digital cities, digital city, digital community.

This plan was made, Yu Yongchang, who has not found the appropriate model as a reference, but until this year in September to visit the East after the project to find the true model.

"Before, only a small area GIS, single business area, but this item, Dongcheng District, people and events of community among all of them on the GIS system as a tool to improve government functions." Application of the system Let Yu Yongchang very excited.

Yu Yongchang, Dongcheng District, described is the use of GIS in urban management in the technical ideas to 10,000 square meters as the basic unit, the Dongcheng District, an area of 25.38 square kilometers of area divided into 1652 grid cells. By the urban management unit supervisor in charge of the implementation of the monitoring, implementation of the management of space to achieve stratified, hierarchical, region-wide management approach.

With this geographic information, Dongcheng District, Hai Ba urban objects as urban parts management, will be the region's municipal infrastructure, management facilities, transport facilities, greening urban parts of all facilities in accordance with different functions, divided into six categories 56 kinds of 168 339, each components are reflected in management systems.

Yu Yongchang, frankly admitted in the country already has a lot of GIS applications, the development of the state is still very uneven, especially in the nationwide application of zonal distribution shows the characteristics of the region, the Association and the community for the GIS System Promotion is very important task, from start to adapt to the needs of people, so that GIS system into a tool for socialization.

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Sina Sohu blog moving again PK

July 18, 2005, News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch to spend 580 million U.S. dollars acquisition of, alarming figures on China blog community certainly had not a small stimulus, Sina and Sohu, two major Internet blog service providers the potential value of the blog, skilled use of the "28 rule", Sina flexible use of those two ideas into the celebrity elite, while the value of the Sohu blog is that Bacheng grassroots mass line, with carving up the Chinese blog user.

Today, after less than two years of development, as the media, Sina is still only media. Sina complex media may be too strong, perhaps the director, Chen Tong Sina blog better at doing the media, Sina's blog basically is around those stars and celebrities from the media developed for the grassroots, the "neighbors with celebrities," " Mining star privacy, "the biggest attraction is the Sina blog. Therefore, the star blog on Sina's packaging has a fairly good under all speculation visits. And Sina blog, celebrity name story, through the hard work hard, together with vocal opposition and mutual flattery flattery, also reached the publicity hype their own purposes.

With celebrity gossip blog from the media broke the news of Sina, a time of fame, celebrity to bring traffic to Sina Sina Feng celebrity blog overriding justification for the traffic. However, in 2006, Sohu successfully held the first blog, when the General Assembly, the industry was in uproar, the original, not only stars Sohu blog, blog also can play. Sohu blog owned by new technology and good user experience, holds a fatal attraction to the grassroots. For public users, not only stars, celebrities blog and users through the exchange, the user is no longer just a Sohu blog spectators, more of a hero and participants in the Sohu blog is not only beautiful, more fun .

When Sina's celebrity blog has attracted everyone's eye and earn amazing flow, but the celebrity blog, after all, short-term effect. Sohu blog, although no lack of stars and celebrities, but the degree of active Sohu blog roots for Sina envy. Perhaps the technical background of the reasons Charles Zhang, Sohu blog was born more from a focus on products and user experience. Especially when after the release of Sohu blog play version, allowing users to see the blog's popularity, daily life, grassroots-oriented features, Sohu blog is simply a WEB page on the virtual game field, a variety of content, various modules, various combinations all kinds of game ... ... all the settings are changing to meet the individual needs of users, the original blog was not to star "elusive" luxury, in the Sohu blog, the stars are free to our users blog circle of friends and users also can be a star for all.

Sohu blog in the playing, the user can freely publish the log; can search dog music box can not download large music collections; small footprint allowing users to know quietly concerned about their blog for bloggers; small strip of function achieved Sohu between the various products of the instant messaging; Friends article Subscribe to news Subscribe to the RSS subscription feature allows various Sohu Hirotomo easy to see the best of the internet every day; users to change the blog template does not not return to the main page Log changes stop set, random topics drag adjustment module layout can be done ... ... Sohu blog on pictures, music, support, advise and labels relevant content classification is a common topic and interest to people more easily to communicate with contacts, and blog content with Sohu, search interoperability between products, making Sohu's blog has obvious "Space" feature. Sohu blog for a time vividly highlights the various features, technology, products and user experience can be said to be the overall integration.

Sohu blog play launch of the impact on the Sina blog is a "encroaching"! Sina momentum gradually decline celebrity blog, churn has become an established fact. Sina was officially launched in March 2007 users personalized version of the blog, the new website of the Sina blog highlighted the concept of the circle, but now the user is no longer easy to 蹇芥偁 up. Sina push the concept even more, how? No core technology, the core concepts and practical action to support the Sina blog is "Media", from the music, pictures, and with the support point of view, the general performance of Sina blog, in addition to text, the Sina blog to show very limited. From the user experience point of view, Sina blog is dressed in layer after revision, "the user is king," the coat, a simple domain with M and U strictly distinguish between grass-roots blog celebrity blog can easily see that Sina's emphasis on star light grass-roots nature.

Sina blog revamped line of grass-roots blog appears to have good prospects, but in fact the road hard! Sohu blog in a small footprint, the functions of a small piece of paper all be reflected in the Sina blog, but the real comparison, you discover that this embodies the only copy of the Sohu's framework missing its essence. Matrix in the portal Sohu Sogou, chinaren full range of resources, Sohu seemingly simple features such as pass and a small piece of paper, in fact, all the Sohu and comprehensive products and resources to achieve the integration, and Sina in "ctcl + c" and "ctcl + v" these models, the product features and user experience greatly reduced, when the user wants to change the template when Sohu menu select OK to return to higher levels so cumbersome process really makes it difficult to see the so-called user experience in What!

Sina blog to restore the loss of Internet users growing, vigorously launched a blog for Sohu move tool, however, no one thought would be a military anti-Sohu, causing their friends to move thousands of Bo settled Sohu! Zhang Xin Tourou Sina even once, so style star Ding Junhui has abandoned Sina and Sohu switch.

The case seems strong Sina media empire, will close the evening?


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Model: shipbuilding profound changes

Zai on Strengthening the Work Committee for National Defense, a modern shipbuilding mode guiding opinion that the establishment of a modern shipbuilding mode to speed up China's shipbuilding industry is taking a new road to industrialization strategic choice has a direct Guanjiwoguo shipbuilding enterprise survival and development of an urgent task.
Transfer model, the terminology unique to the Chinese shipbuilding industry has been popular in the industry for over ten years. Today, the "transfer mode," meaning the word has been much more extensive "modeling" replaced the word.
Early 80s of last century, when the Chinese people not paying attention to the international shipbuilding market, the surprised to find that Japan and other advanced shipbuilding countries, shipbuilding was incredibly short period, as the building block as they ship, actually can be made separately for each seamlessly integrate a sub. This ship, then a short period, and efficient. At that time, the Dalian shipyard, Jiangnan Shipyard, Hudong Shipyard, Guangzhou Shipyard, China's first batch of such undertaking in accordance with international norms of export vessels constructed, all Biezuliaojin like a go. However, after the start, the shipyard shipbuilding in the traditional way, inefficient, slow, have faced pressure shipment, Delivery serious delays. At this point, behind the ship model has become a constraining the development of China's shipbuilding industry "bottleneck." China's shipbuilding enterprises are to enter the international market, we must ship model innovation.
Can be said that China's shipbuilding industry, shipbuilding transfer mode is being "driven to revolt," the. Duty to job categories to Xian Pu steel keel way ride rib made on the ship for nearly a century of Chinese shipbuilding people, all at once can not meet the new shipbuilding methods, their recognition and acceptance of the new model has undergone a bit of running process. At that time, some enterprises invited experts and professors from Japan advanced shipbuilding methods, but they did not see a few students in class. China Shipbuilding transfer mode is in the old habits, old ways and old thinking gradually gained the upper hand in battle, and who has become the consensus of shipbuilding.
Transfer mode, it helps the ship were actually tasted the sweetness.
However, the model is changed shipbuilding common problem of low production efficiency, to the shipbuilding industry has ever been brought new changes and the obvious benefit.
Dalian Shipbuilding Industry in the establishment of a modern shipbuilding mode, from the technical depth to the production and management levels, from local into the system and overall, from emotional to rational, shipbuilding shortened cycle, shipbuilding output in 2005 ranked first in the country.
Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Base in the new building, put a new ship models on the primacy of software and hardware of modern shipbuilding mode simultaneously building a project fully completed and commissioned only two years, the shipbuilding total domestic production alone accounts for Yield 1 / 5, and nurture the world-renowned new ship.
However, the establishment of a modern shipbuilding mode should adhere to the consolidation, expansion, pragmatic, innovative approach. Consolidation is to consolidate the shipbuilding mode conversion has been made in the initial results, the original "transfer mode" work based on the goal of advancing to a higher stage; extension is to enable the establishment of the modern shipbuilding mode from the technical aspects of the system, mechanism level expansion, from shipbuilding to the design institutes and manufacturers to extend collaboration; pragmatic, is to do solid work, and put in place to establish the effectiveness of the implementation of modern shipbuilding mode to reduce shipbuilding cycle, increase productivity and economic performance; innovation is to the establishment of the modern shipbuilding model as an important part of technology innovation, through the creation of modern shipbuilding mode, and comprehensively promote technological innovation, management innovation and system innovation.

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Synthesis of effects using Photoshop filters distorted picture

This material will be applied to the following two pictures:

Material image 1, click on the picture to enlarge

Material image 2, click on the picture to enlarge

Synthesis of the final result:

1, open the background image (view map) and copy the background picture shows the background copy. Ma's image in the horse cutout (use the magic wand select the white background anti-select it) to the background copy layer above (layer 1), horizontal flip - to color - resize to fit.

2, will set the background and the background copy layer is not visible (off layer in front of the eye), will be saved as PSD files layer 1 (after doing the glass texture to use).

3, back to the background copy layer (background copy of the current working layer), layer 1 will be set to not visible. Implementation of the filter - distort - Glass (twisted 19 degrees about the smoothness about 9), zoom 100%, point texture options to the right of the small triangle - loading texture, select the PSD file just saved.

4, copy the layer 1 of the red channel, go back to layers panel, hold down the CTRL key click on Layer 1, by constituency and then copy back to the red channel, anti-election - filled with black, deselect. Adjust the curve as shown. Then load the channel as a constituency.

5, retention constituency, back to layers panel, in the background copy layer above the new layer 2, the white filling in the constituencies.

6, back to the background copy layer, hold down the CTRL key click on Layer 1 was the outline of constituencies Ma, anti-selection, with a historical outline of the brush along the edge of Rubbing the horse would have distorted due to the excessive part of the glass filter wipe .

7, a copy of the background layer on the implementation of the liquefied filter, adjusting the size of the brush for the appropriate Figure deformation. (Pushed up by the water, transition to natural, made of the effect of pumping water is up.) Liquefaction is completed the establishment of a snapshot, the snapshot will be positioned on the history brush.

8, a copy of background layer in a rectangular box on the pull-out, implementation of the filter - distort - wave, number 60, ups and downs 8 style for the pond ripple.

9, with the history brush will have the effect of liquefaction back rub.

10, bringing the liquid horse had already completed, you need to do minor modifications. To just add a little liquid part of the high light, opaque white with a low increase in the horse water texture (many ways to build a new layer or directly on the background copy layer with the constituency, brushes, rubber, non-transparency to achieve). Many drops of water that I do, do first a 60 * 60 pixel map (Figure), and then defined as the brush, with white prospects, brushes of different sizes and opacity painted on.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Arima Computer integrated way of human resources

Waste of resources onto the road E of

Modern human resources management is a human resource acquisition, integration, maintaining motivation, control adjustment and development process. As a global conglomerate, Arima Computer has been established many years ago on the international development of strategic plans, plans in the next 5 years will be human resources, finance, capital operation and international standards, to achieve a comprehensive e-business to enhance the overall competitiveness of the company.

Although Arima Wujiang plant construction in the early stage has a well-known international companies on the ERP system, HR management software, which still has many problems: the single method of salary statistics; system is simple and fixed personnel can not meet the local tax policy, can not adapt to such large-scale manufacturing plants Arima attendance requirements, a lot of manpower and resources are wasted on complicated payroll, attendance statistics.

Thus, in human resources management, Arima think twice, decided to purchase a set of human resource management system. The system can use the integrated human resource management platform, integrated control of the personnel resources to meet the company's localization strategy to address the company's regional labor system of different issues.

Arima Computer After many comparisons and trade-offs, and ultimately selected BenQ competing against the software companies compete in Human Resource Management (GuruHRMS) system.

銆??鎹崕瀹囩數鑴戜汉鍔涜祫婧愰儴鏈夊叧璐熻矗浜虹О锛岄?楣垮叕鍙哥殑GuruHRMS鏃㈢鍚堝浗闄呭厛杩涚殑绠$悊鎬濇兂锛屽張閫傜敤鍥藉唴瀹為檯鐨勪汉浜嬭柂璧勭鐞嗕綋绯伙紝鍏剁伒娲诲鍙樼殑鍔熻兘妯″潡鍙弧瓒充笉鍚屽湴鍖轰笉鍚屼汉浜嬬◣鏀舵斂绛栦笅鐨勫叕鍙搁渶姹傚畾銆?br />
EHR - Enhance Business talent competitive advantage

Compete in the Arima Computer to create the HER in the following areas:

1, GuruHRMS personnel module of process-oriented processing model, Record staff from the candidates Arima Computer - trial - the official recruitment - the resignation of the entire process, as well as reward and punishment that occurred during this period, daily assessment, performance appraisal , job changes and other conditions, to help Arima on the final assessment of his staff to provide a scientific and rational basis. In this way, managers will be essential for each employee promptly and comprehensively grasp, evidence-based promotion and mobilization of outstanding staff, so that personnel have a reasonable structure, so that the situation gains a complete staff, from the macro better Organization talent.

Second, GuruHRMS and credit card account with the induction, using a computer appraisal system, so that the true rate of attendance by 100%. Arima was originally adopted last month by the hand bell card registration, statistics, search, etc., would be a waste of manpower, but also easy to produce errors, to the enterprises to increase the number of unnecessary burdens. This measure, which now makes the computer work to manage to eliminate the false positives, false information, the statistical convenience, saving manpower, but also increase employee productivity.

3, GuruHRMS Arima, and other electronic manufacturing industry for the widespread shift, transfer line, work with a special treatment, enabling employees to become easy to operate and transfer classes. At different times each industry will have short, peak seasons, resulting in manpower shortage individual when that individual human idle time. In view of this situation, GuruHRMS provides such a feature: In low season, you can record employee records due course, high season, can be recorded automatically to offset overtime owed to class records, so that timely activate the human usage, the company and staff and all, and improved employee satisfaction.

4, GuruHRMS Arima will use the company's attendance management and restaurant management together. System according to staff attendance, time records back ground, automatic deduction of a meal, come to overtime.浠庡疄闄呯殑搴旂敤缁撴灉鐪嬶紝鍗庡畤鐢佃剳鑴辩浜嗗師鍏堥绁ㄥ彂鏀撅紝棰嗗彇锛屽嚟绁ㄧ敤椁愮殑绻佺悙娴佺▼锛岀幇鍦ㄥ憳宸ュ悆楗彧闇?埛鍗″嵆鍙? Not only that, the system will be the regular statistical breakfast, dinner of the shares, companies and employees prorated share of meals, a great convenience for employees and the company.

5, because the computer is located in Suzhou, Wujiang, Arima, the local government in rural, urban, foreign accounts and other welfare policies in different categories of personnel required slightly different, GuruHRMS welfare under different policies for different categories of employees set salary and flexible method of calculation, it also provides daily, monthly and other pay calculations.

6, GuruHRMS unique custom reporting capabilities to help Arima in different types of data, according to their needs integrated into the appropriate type of statement, and transformed into Excel format, and other enterprise management system interface, data sharing .

Great effect EHR

Feedback from the Arima Computer, GuruHRMS personnel management system to achieve the company's comprehensive e-. Through this system, Arima's management staff can fully grasp the situation in time, the staff do an objective evaluation of performance; pay settlement can be convenient and efficient staff in accordance with the settlement of different tax policies on the welfare of thousands of wages; employees can The system is self-service, saving a lot of communication between employees and managers time.

Arima said areas, a comprehensive human resource management e-enable Arima computer saves a lot of manpower, material resources, improve the efficiency of enterprise management, has been the company human resources management, decision analysis of a large number of true, accurate, timely data effectively to enhance its overall competitiveness.

Arima Computer Description:

Arima Computer Corporation was established in 1989, subordinate Arima Computer, Arima Communications, a subsidiary of China Kyrgyzstan and other groups. After 10 years of operation, has formed a high-tech development, financial and real estate industries for industrial distribution pattern, specializing in digital electronics, communications and special semiconductor products. Among them, production of notebook computers and computer-based Arima Arima develop communications products for the backbone of the company group.

Wu Jiang Huayu PC was established in September 2002, investing 22 million U.S. dollars, covers an area of 1750 mu, the company currently employs 1455 people, has so far the largest laptop production lines. As of 2002, Arima Computer Corporation's revenues accounted for the entire group more than the total revenue of the Semis.



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Monday, August 2, 2010

Harbin Engineering University, the world's five major classification societies in hand

Harbin Engineering University, the world's five major classification societies in hand

Recently, China held in Shanghai International Maritime Exhibition, Harbin Engineering University and Germanischer Lloyd signed a cooperation agreement, both sides will be in research, teaching, extensive cooperation. So far, the school and all the world's five classification societies to establish a cooperative relationship.

It is reported that GL is one of the world's five major classification societies in the world, more than 120 countries and has more than 400 offices throughout the ship inspection services, marine engineering, quality system certification and other areas, the is the first time the agency to cooperate with Chinese universities. Under the agreement, Kazakh University of Engineering and Germanischer Lloyd to conduct a joint scientific and industrial cooperation projects, organizing the exchange of lecturers and trainers; Germanischer Lloyd for ships and offshore engineering ha of outstanding undergraduate and graduate professional provide scholarships.

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Skyworth the secret of surviving

Nothing better than having a private business owner in trouble even worse things.

Late last year, Skyworth Digital (0751.HK) Stephen Wong, founder and leader of the legal issues encountered so many people can ride out the storm began to question the Skyworth. As private enterprises grew up fast, 10 years seems to have been troubled Skyworth, though always at a crucial moment before the head off, but the bosses who do not believe the trouble will not bring turmoil.

But after a few months but did not Skyworth performance as bad as people imagine. 2000, color TV market in China is still a small role in the Skyworth, 4-year period has been the first leap into the field Army. September 30, 2004 April 1, 2005 during the day, Skyworth's turnover of 4.349 billion Hong Kong dollars, the same period the previous year's 3.644 billion dollar increase of 30.86%; net profit of 187 million Hong Kong dollars, the same period the previous year's 081 million Hong Kong dollar soared 130%. Huang Hongsheng cause ridden in time, Skyworth has not stuck in mud, on the contrary, the high rate of business growth is actually rare in recent years, can be financially very rare that a good year.

At present, the past did not pay too much attention to competitors amazed Skyworth Skyworth excellent market performance, start it as a major competitor. "Skyworth took four years to nearly 5 billion yuan sales volume achieved from nearly 10 billion yuan, mainly R & D and market integration than good." Has more than one industry on the development of such a characterization of Skyworth. It usually does not Visible of Skyworth, R & D and the market in the end in what pattern?

Institute of multifunctional

Skyworth Research Institute at the New Komeito town Skyworth 15 mu production base in a corner, through the busy clutter of the workshop, the Institute three-storey building looks like a workshop. Boxes piled around the street, next to a plant in the workers are from the 4th floor, leaned out the window of a home-made using slide down to send foam packaging. This is probably the most we have seen crude research environment where, for comparison, many companies institute always has the most bright and comfortable office environment.

In fact, Skyworth Institute of itself really is a productive sector. In the third floor of the Institute has six different types on the production line, which is Skyworth Institute pilot and production departments. Original new product is a small trial and pilot on the production sector to carry out large-scale production line, once one part of the problem, a line of a hundred people had to stop to wait for changes. To avoid this, after the Institute of reform put into research and development testing phase, trying to design the product itself and in the R & D department to resolve the issue. As a result, the organizational structure of the Institute after the original innovation is simply engaged in scientific research, now transformed into an independent research entity, and entered the industrialization stage, not only do technology also start the process.

Skyworth Institute now has 700 people, about 200 developers, managers have twenty or thirty people, the rest are as skilled workers. New product came out, the first small-batch test and improve. That can be invested, and then into the pilot line production of 200 units to 2,000. Wait until sufficient production efficiency, process no problem, product maturity and then submitted to the production sector for large-scale production.

Skyworth's engineering strength of the weak, which is chosen to produce the phase section on the Institute to complete one of the reasons. Interestingly, the Institute's pilot line can support themselves, they do not test planned for the production department for processing, production departments to pay the appropriate fees, such as the Institute will make its annual funding of several million dollars.

In addition to volume production new products, the Institute will bear the test marketing of new products, such as pilot line to be first produced in 2000, sets new products to market for the first test market, the advantage of doing R & D in the first time to know how the sales of new products, there is any problems, shorten product development and industrialization process. Finished before the design transferred to production systems, production finished go to sales, production will become the information center and then back to R & D, but now simply open up a direct chain R & D and market access.

Dean Lihong An introduction, when Vice-President Zhang Zhihua, said with a smile Zhang Zhihua, "name pushed, name Tuitui Tui", research vice president Zhang Zhihua is responsible for promoting the veterans department, because the new products come out, the R & D also responsible for new technology and new product introductions to the production and sales. "Because the market a new product do not know what kind of advantage, so R & D personnel to branch offices around the country to go on all the technical training and introducing new products." Zhang Zhihua said.

Currently, Skyworth set up a special "product committee" members from R & D, marketing, sales, service department related to the composition, generally seven or eight individuals, each month there is joint production, supply and research and to communicate information. If a market product problems, marketing research and a team to go immediately to resolve.

Market Research Institute

Skyworth TV division president Zhang Xuebin recall a time when he assumed office, Stephen Wong called him in the past, the task entrusted to him the first thing is to let him start from the R & D department, investigate product quality problems and find solutions. Because at that time there's a lot of product quality has become a bottleneck in the system. Huang Hongsheng means let him first go to the months of R & D, Zhang Xuebin was spent on R & D department went to two weeks time to do a lap investigation.

In June 2001 long before the period of time, Skyworth's R & D by sector of the four groups; Institute of Software, Hardware Institute, Institute of Electronics Research Institute and HD, for each group by a boss. They would each go to the upper reaches of IC companies understand the new technology to the other experimental techniques are being developed to take over. Risks of doing so is either developed and market the products are out of touch, not the market needed products; or found out some products that do no use; or the IC itself is not mature, and blindly follow some of conceptual experimental products, the company invested huge, often for others to experiment, Guer losses.

In addition, the product developed, the R & D no further processes, such as a lack of first test and pilot the process and can not check the product R & D products directly out of production, something has gone wrong and come back again and again affected stability of product quality.

In fact, from June 2001 Skyworth Academia Sinica Lihong An now, was appointed chief scientist, has overall responsibility for research and development, to Zhang Xuebin to set up after the TV business unit during the period before, seems to have set out to find Skyworth solution. But wound up in the Skyworth, the solution has to be developed not just a part of the problem, but the entire business process and organizational structure of the adjustment, so until May 21, 2001 Zhang Xuebin the TV division was established integrated production and marketing research really began, and R & D innovation also will started.

It is said, after an extended stay, Zhang Xuebin first thing to do is to link research and development and sales. R & D personnel at the time of performance evaluation is not a standard, previously viewed not come to work, and whether the overtime was, and how each government department to do, and are more qualitative rather than quantitative indicators.

April 18, 2001 is the Skyworth annual technology conference in the conference relates to the recognition of science and technology R & D personnel, money allocated for the practice of Zhang Xuebin raised a new idea, based on the contribution of corporate profits to consider incentives for R & D personnel, new incentive program will be in accordance with the group who designed the designer of these products ultimately sold in the market to extract the ratio of the number of profit incentives. This new program has been supported by Lihong An Dean, because he started from 2000, tried to effective structural reform, trying to develop into a stable profit center.

"The designer of the technology and market profits bonuses linked to the completion of market-oriented, focus on efficiency change is the foundation of all." Xue-Bin Zhang recalls.

Risk and risk aversion

To open up R & D and market access, while the R & D personnel and market linked incentive mechanism makes R & D R & D project teams from product planning, technical solutions, such as matching production to market through the track in the end, can achieve rapid market reaction, but which also contains certain risks.

This risk is often competitors Skyworth question: This makes a certain product items may be over-dependent on one person or several people, the group's backbone once they left, the project may be paralyzed.

"We have been exploring this problem, and now a lot lower this risk. One is thinking of the design platform, the design of all the basic platform to share, many things are standardized, the second is to strengthen the management of each step completed, the results should be written into a file, people go, the file is still there; third of each project is not a person to do, is a group. in arranging a project consciously arrange replacement, in a project group where two people may or three people doing the same role, but for a different focus. Through these methods avoid the risk that the method from scratch with the end of the current would indeed greatly increase efficiency, researchers would be very concerned about his product, they often go to market see the technology has no problem selling status. "Lihong An said.

Zhang Xuebin said Skyworth Group R & D investment has accounted for sales of 1 / 4, but Skyworth Research Institute has been trying to save costs as much as possible through various channels. For example they will actively participate in national research and development projects, from a subsidy; joint upstream businesses invest in new product development, but also with the development of the joint tube factory dies. When they push "flat Storm" is the time to find manufacturers willing to do joint development of the mold tube. "Because of the high cost of a mold, tube manufacturers will be out some money, thus reducing our risk." Research vice president Zhang Zhihua said.

Skyworth Institute definition of innovation itself has been adjusted, and their principle is innovative but not too much ahead. "We think the year ahead after." Lihong An said, "As long as a year ahead to products, product technology R & D may be a few years to do well, we are likely to become victims of the industry." He felt that combining the actual situation of Skyworth and industrial location, put out the satellite products uneconomical. "Products ahead of 3 months to 6 months is the best time to market, rivals such as large-scale investment, the market matured, Skyworth and then accelerated forward, to obtain high profits."

Today, however, Skyworth is facing greater challenges Academy. In 2004, Skyworth Group, the purpose of the establishment of the Academia Sinica in the hope that they will not only TV division is responsible, but also for the new industrial technology research and development companies. Skyworth has always pursued "with fewer people doing more things," was only about 200 R & D team under enormous pressure. "This year, the pace of product development research institute to reach last year's 1.7 times." One researcher said, "We estimate that during the New Year I am afraid that can not rest."

In fact, Skyworth Institute now finds itself a bit confusing law and order, Gong Ming Town, attracting R & D personnel disadvantage. The Research Institute to meet the Group's 100 billion yuan in 2015 to achieve the scale of need in research and development to make some changes in the layout. Example, need to pay more attention to more sophisticated techniques, but "we are now considering a 3 to 5 years of product, but it does not take into account the product after 10 years; In fact, when conditions permit, we really hope that the Institute of Environment and equipment can be improved. "

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